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(no subject) [May. 17th, 2012|11:52 am]
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More profiles [May. 9th, 2012|01:44 pm]
Profile #2 update --

Honou was bitten while adventuring in Grizzly Hills and is now a worgen. While his human form still claims mastery over fire, his wolf form is more adept at channeling icy fury.

Profiles #4: Attolia

Attolia was only a child when the dark forces overwhelmed the Echo Isles and drove the Darkspear out. After seeing her parents killed in front of her, she ran into the woods instead of towards the ships to evacuate for the others. She lurked close to the camp, and to her horror saw her own parents raised as mindless slaves.

For years Attolia lived in the wilds around the Echo Isles. She observed the cats living there and learned the ways of stealth from them, all the while seeking ways to bring her parents back to her. Over time she fell in with Vanira's druid band, who sensed her affinity with the stealthy cats and tried to hone her feral combat skills. But Attolia's passion always lay in the healing arts.

Eventually the Darkspear Trolls, led by Vol'jin, led the attack on the Echo Isles and the troll druids came out of hiding. Accompanying the attack, Attolia sought out her parents and tried in vain to heal them even as the battle was joined; ultimately, she failed, and her parents were killed by the invading army. Their deaths, at the hand of her own people, left Attolia harsh and bitter, but she followed the lead of the druidess Vanira in swearing allegience to the service of the Horde.

Attolia is a healer by nature, but don't mistake that for being gentle or kind. She retains a savage and angry core from her years spent in solitude and possesses a fierce and burning desire to defeat her enemies. She merely has recognized that the healer is an invaluable and irreplacable role in any fighting force, and she will drive her fallen comrades to get up and go back out to fight on two broken legs if need be, barely conscious and staggering while Attolia's healing magic continues to work within them. She will lash out viciously at her own allies if she perceives they are not pulling their weight, calling them out for cowardice or incompetence whenever she sees it.

She is nonconfrontational, but not nice. She prefers misdirection and stealthy, indirect methods of accomplishing her goals, but her goals are simple: every one of her enemies lying on the floor dead.

Attolia prefers camouflage colors, patterned green and black with splashes of brown. She lives in the shadows, avoiding outright combat on her own behalf and spending most of her time moving stealthily out of sight of her enemies. Don't mistake that for cowardice, however; Attolia knows that her unmatched skill at healing makes her a primary target for enemy fire. Keeping to the shadows allows her to move at will and keep in position to heal her allies at need, or even to embark herself on missions where a stealthy noncombatant can succeed where the boldest of assaults have failed.

Attolia is allergic to bees, and they are the only things she fears enough to prompt her to adopt the tough-hided bear form.
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My Blood Elf made a friend. [May. 9th, 2012|01:21 pm]
I have to preface this post by saying that I don't RP. At all. I have nothing against people who get into RP in this game, but I just can't, no matter how much I try. I just can't seem to grasp it.

That being said, some of my toons (though not all) do have a background or ongoing storyline of sorts. Probably the strongest one is for my blood elf warlock. And yesterday his character development took a huge leap forward.

Spoilers for Mists of Pandaria below.Collapse )
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(no subject) [Apr. 13th, 2012|10:40 am]
[Current Mood |annoyedyes i mad bro]

i just hate this creeping bullshit in the economic sector where more and more employers are expecting to be able to get free labor. if there's one thing the 21st century is teaching us, it's that people won't pay for what they can get for free. why should labor be any different? every incremental gain they make in exploiting people for no compensation except for "experience" or "references" is one more step to making it normal and expected that people should slave away for no hope of reward.

did you follow the uproar a little while ago where some supermarket work-for-free bullshit program employer was complaining about how people were too 'snobbish' to work for free? this expectation that people have, that they should actually be paid money for work -- any money AT ALL, let alone enough money to live on -- is selfish and greedy of them?

at least you're not being expected to pay THEM for the privilege of doing their dirty work for them. yet. one of the people on my friendslist who lost her job last winter made a hopeful post on her LJ about how she was starting a six-week internship and she ONLY had to pay them $300 for it! what a bargain, amirite?
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(no subject) [Mar. 18th, 2011|11:13 am]
HEY GUYS, I think I found something that annoys me than ableist language white knighting bullshit! And that is, of course, ableist language white knight hypocrisy.

Exhibit 1: This post indignantly rages that using the word huntard is "not okay," and then, in the same breath, defends her own use of misogynistic slur as just "calling it like she sees it." I guess the use of the word is okay, as long as it's justified. (Or maybe she just finds portmanteaus especially offensive.)

Exhibit 2: This post offers the use of the word "imbecile" as a non-offensive alternative to the word "retard." Because 'imbecile' doesn't have any unfortunate mental hygenic implications at all, oh no. But hey, it's all about the intent of the speaker, right? As long as she doesn't mean to be offensive, it's OK.
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(no subject) [Mar. 5th, 2011|06:52 am]
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Also, LJ, cut out that 'sim hospital' and 'farm frenzy' ad bullshit. Seriously, stop trying to suck facebook's tit.
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Tank like a girl, the series: The Prot Warrior [Jul. 21st, 2010|03:01 pm]
[Current Mood |contemplativecontemplative]
[Current Music |風が吹く日 - Escaflowne]

(Inspired by http://www.tanklikeagirl.com/)

I think my journey to tankhood was a little different than the others of this series. To start with, I was never a healer. The first character I ever rolled was a little dwarf warrior, specifically with the intention of tanking. Why? Because I joined WoW to play with my friends, and my friends said they needed more tanks. From the start, I was trying to fulfill the needs of others, and not myself.

Leveling my warrior was hard -- partly because I was new and didn't really understand the game; partly because warriors have no self-healing capability; and partly because my friends never bothered to help me out. In fact, by the time I had reached level cap, they had pretty much all gotten bored of playing, so I was on my own.

My first attempts at tanking for strangers (first in PUGs, then in a PVP guild I joined later) went pretty badly. It was confusing, and difficult, and no matter what I seemed to do I always failed. I think the capping incident on my tanking career was one time when I agreed to tank heroic Sethekk Halls for my druid friend, who needed to complete her flight form quest, along with three other druids who needed the same thing.

That dungeon was an unqualified disaster. We wiped on every single pull -- not only that, sometimes TWICE on each pull! In retrospect, I wasn't entirely to blame -- due to our group makeup we didn't have any form of CC in a dungeon that really needed it. Still, I can't help but feel that a more skilled tank might have been able to pull them through. I felt my failure keenly. I became convinced that whatever I would do, I would never be good enough to be a tank. I put down the shield and swore I'd never tank again.

Over the next two years, I rolled and played entirely caster DPS classes. I enjoyed it a great deal and felt very comfortable in that role, both alliance and horde-side. As a caster DPS, even in raid situations, all you have to do is what you're told. Other people are responsible for understanding the strategy, coordinating the positions, and calling the shots. If you fail, you only lose yourself; you don't have to take responsibility for anyone else.

Only in the past few months did I start seriously considering tanking again. I moved my character from her old server (and its dying guild) to find a more supportive community of female wow players. They encouraged me to try again. This time I did the research, found out what talents to use and what gear I needed to get, and set myself on a course to become a real tank.

At first it was hard. Cruel comments from some people I PUGged with almost convinced me to give up. But I stuck with it, and as my gear and reflexes improved I found that it was easier than easier. Gradually I came to realize that I really liked tanking. For the first time when playing WoW in a group situation, I was in control. I set the pace, I decided when and where things would happen. I didn't have to please others, or compromise, wait for other people's opinions or tempers to feel like indulging me. Instead, my warrior charged right in there and did what she was born to do.

Do I think it's strange for such a small woman to be taking such big hits? No, not at all. Lore-wise, I always thought of my warrior as being a member of the Sisterhood of Steel, the "Rosie the Riveter" of the WoW world who can turn their flesh to steel in battle. She is a dwarf, after all; and the very mountains are in her bones. One should not underestimate dwarf women; strong-boned and strong-willed, anyone trying to call them short or weak had better look to their kneecaps!
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AMG victim-blaming [Jul. 12th, 2010|03:38 pm]
This is something that cannot even be SAID in wow_ladies without getting a mod ban, so happily I will say it here: I am getting so godsdamn sick of how it is utterly forbidden to even SUGGEST to a person in an abusive, manipulative situation that they might have done something differently.

Victim-blaming is bad. I'm aware of that. People are not responsible for the abusive actions of others and suggesting that they are at fault for the situation they are in is not helpful. But you know what else is not helpful? The continual insistance that there was NOTHING, AT ANY POINT IN TIME, EVER, that the girl in question could have or should have done differently. Nothing. Ever!

Why do I hate this? Because it's infantilizing! It provides a constant narrative of helpless victimization, where the bad situation was imposed on the girl entirely from the outside, as if by God, and that there was NOTHING SHE COULD HAVE DONE to avoid or mitigate getting in this situation. She was helpless at the whims of a cruel world, and she always will be.

It's not true, and worse, it's logically inconsistant -- because if there was nothing she could have done to avoid that situation, then how could there be anything she CAN do to mitigate or get out of the situation in the future? Every resource that is available to her now was available to her then. If she can walk away now, she could walk away then. If she can dump him now, she could have not gotten involved with a toxic boyfriend then.

Most importantly, it precludes the notion of learning from your experiences and moving on. If the girls decisions have NOTHING to do with what happened to her, if there was NO way she could have avoided the situation she got into, then what does that say for her future? If there's nothing about this situation that she can look at and say, "Doing X and Y contributed to me being in this situation in the future, so for the future, I can protect myself by doing things differently." By casting her in the role of a doomed, powerless waif at the mercy of a malicious and unavoidable universe, you have also removed her ability to learn and grow and protect herself in the future.
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Re:"It's just a game," "You're taking it too seriously," "It doesn't matter" [Mar. 16th, 2010|08:58 am]
Re: All arguments of the form "It's just a game," "You're taking it too seriously," "You have no life," "It doesn't matter:"

If this discussion about World of Warcraft does not matter because it's a just a game, then no discussions about World of Warcraft matter, because it's just a game.

There are over 10 million World of Warcraft active accounts. That's over 10 million people who spend thousands of hours logged into a game that doesn't matter.

Every day, people around the world spend millions of dollars not only on subscription fees but on server transfers, vanity pets, character recustomization, and other things that don't matter.

Excluding repeat hits, there are 46,000,000 pages on Google today about World of Warcraft. That's forty-six million people spending hours of their time even outside the game talking, calculating, arguing, writing, and laughing about something that doesn't matter.

And for all these tens of thousands of labor-hours, these billions of dollars spent, these megawatts of electricity spent to facilitate discussion on something that doesn't matter, no one is telling them that they should stop discussing, arguing, calculating, writing, or laughing about something that doesn't matter. You want us to stop talking not because what we have to say matters any more or less than any other discussion, but because you don't like what we have to say. It makes you uncomfortable.

You are here, on a page that doesn't matter, spending hours of your time reading articles that don't matter written about things that don't matter and composing replies that don't matter.

You are spending your leisure time reading articles about a recreational game set in a fantasy world in which you spend substantial amounts of money and time, and you are trying to dismiss other people's feelings and concerns with the argument that what they feel and believe about this game is less valid or important than what you feel and believe about this game.

Your argument is invalid.
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RED DRAGONHAWK GET!!!!!!!!! [Sep. 4th, 2009|06:32 am]
So today I finally got the achievement I've been working on since January -- my WoW New Year's Resolution! And with it came:

Hawk over Dalaran
Hawk over Dalaran

Dragonhawk over Dalaran.

Hawk from above

Dragonhawk from above.

Hawk from behind

Dragonhawk against the sunset.

And the final tally of mounts:

Albino Drake
+Argent Tournament Hippogriff
+Argent Warhorse
Armored Blue Wind Rider
Armored Brown Bear
Azure Netherwing Drake
Black Hawkstrider
Black Skeletal Horse
#Black War Bear
#Black War Kodo
#Black War Mammoth
#Black War Raptor
#Black War Wolf
Black Wolf
Blue Hawkstrider
*Blue Qiraji Battle Tank
Blue Nether Ray
Blue Skeletal Horse
Blue Armored Wind Rider
Bronze Drake
Brown Kodo
Brown Skeletal Horse
Brown Wolf
Cenarion War Hippogriff
Cobalt Netherwing Drake
Cobalt Riding Talbuk
#Cobalt War Talbuk
Dark Riding Talbuk
#Dark War Talbuk
Dire Wolf
Emerald Raptor
Flying Carpet
+Forsaken Warhorse
#Frostwolf Howler
*Grand Black War Mammoth
Grand Ice Mammoth
Grey Kodo
Great Brown Kodo
Great Golden Kodo
Great Grey Kodo
Great White Kodo
*Green Qiraji Battle Tank
Green Riding Nether Ray
Green Skeletal Warhorse
Green Wind Rider
Ice Mammoth
Magnificent Flying Carpet
Ochre Skeletal Warhorse
Onyx Netherdrake
+Orgrimmar Wolf
Purple Hawkstrider
Purple Netherwing Drake
Purple Riding Nether Ray
Purple Skeletal Warhorse
Red Drake
Red Hawkstrider
*Red Qiraji Battle Tank
Red Riding Nether Ray
Red Skeletal Horse
Red Skeletal Warhorse
Silver Riding Nether Ray
Silver Riding Talbuk
#Silver War Talbuk
Swift Blue Raptor
Swift Brown Wolf
Swift Burgundy Wolf
Swift Gray Wolf
Swift Green Wind Rider
Swift Olive Raptor
Swift Orange Raptor
Swift Pink Hawkstrider
Swift Purple Hawkstrider
Swift Purple Raptor
Swift Purple Wind Rider
Swift Red Wind Rider
Swift Timber Wolf
#Swift Warstrider
Swift Yellow Wind RIder
! Swift Zhevra
Tan Riding Talbuk
#Tan War Talbuk
Tawny Wind Rider
Timber Wolf
Traveler's Tundra Mammoth
Turquise Raptor
Venomhide Raptor
Veridian Netherwing Drake
Violet Netherwing Drake
Violet Raptor
White Kodo
*White Polar Bear Mount
White Riding Talbuk
White Skeletal Warhorse
#White War Talbuk
Wooly Mammoth
*Yellow Qiraji Battle Tank

* - RNG drop mount
# - PVP mount
+ - Tournament mount
! - Special mount

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